"May God bless you greatly for this insight. ...and I'm happy that this blog exists." —Tope Famayegun (Nigeria)

"God bless you as you support these precious individuals. Great web site!" —Rutherglen Road (Pastor, England)

"I love your blog it is small in comparison to all the negativ[ity] and lies spread throughout the internet about Jehovah's Witnesses, but it's lovely to see the truth." —Terica Callaway (United States)

"Very thorough and well documented." —Primitive Christianity (Bolivia)

"It is so wonderful to see yet another webpage dedicated to upholding our most holy faith in Jehovah God and Jesus Christ and begs us to keep our faith in the Organization with Christ as its head. We may not make a very big dent when compared to all of those apostate/anti-JW sites on the web but at least we can have our voice heard." —Sean (United States)